Welcome to the home of the 32nd QOMSBOC

QOMSBOC 2022 will be a three-day (in-person!) event held at McMaster University from Friday, October 14 to Sunday, October 16, 2022.

Announcements (August 4, 2022):

Our online registration and abstract submission will open on August 15th.

Registration Fees: Graduate & Undergraduate Students and Postdocs - $100
                        Academic Faculty - $150
                        Industrial Attendees - $200

Enquiries about potential sponsorship should be directed to the QOMSBOC 2022 Chair, Dr. Jake Magolan (

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:
Dr. Claudio Sturino
, adMare BioInnovations
Professor Marisa Kozlowski, University of Pennsylvania
Professor Scott Snyder, University of Chicago



QOMSBOC is an annual symposium organized by synthetic and bioorganic research chemists in Quebec and Ontario, Canada.  Hosted by a different academic institution each year, QOMSBOC offers a forum to showcase cutting-edge research done by graduate students, undergraduate, and postdoctoral researchers.  The primary objective of QOMSBOC is to inspire and help to train the next generation of outstanding young organic chemists.

QOMSBOC 2022 Leadership

Director: Meghan Fragis, Graduate Student, McMaster University (

Chair: Dr. Jake Magolan, Associate Professor, McMaster University

Advisory Committee:

Dr. Anthony Rullo, Assistant Professor, McMaster University

Dr. James McNulty, Professor, McMaster University

Dr. Jarrod Johnson, Research Associate, McMaster University