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Welcome to the home of the 32nd QOMSBOC

Thank you all for participating in QOMSBOC 2022!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Congratulations to all of our QOMSBOC 2022 Award Winners!

Oral Presentations:

Cuihan Zhou (McGill University - Arndtsen Lab):

"Versatile Palladium-Catalyzed Approach to Acyl Fluorides and Carbonylations by Visible Light and Light-Driven Operations"

Julia Mason (Western University - Luyt Lab):

"SPAAC Incorporation of Fluorine into FC131 Analogues Towards the Discovery of CXCR4 Radiopharmaceuticals"

Adam Cook (University of Ottawa - Newman Lab):

"Dual-Metal Catalysis to Permit the Use of Unprotected Alcohols in Suzuki-Miyaura Reactions"

Poster Awards:

Christopher Wicks (Brock University - Hudlicky Lab):

"Towards the synthesis of morphinan and daphniphyllum alkaloids"

Avery Joseph To (University of Waterloo - Murphy Lab):

"Simple diaryliodonium salt catalysis, right?"

Huy Ly (University of Ottawa - Beauchemin Lab):

"Cope-type hydroamination via an oxygen transfer strategy"

Philip Samokhin (McMaster University - McNulty Lab):

"Developing Novel Catalysts For The Activation Of Non-Activated Olefins"


QOMSBOC is an annual symposium organized by synthetic and bioorganic research chemists in Quebec and Ontario, Canada.  Hosted by a different academic institution each year, QOMSBOC offers a forum to showcase cutting-edge research done by graduate students, undergraduate, and postdoctoral researchers.  The primary objective of QOMSBOC is to inspire and help to train the next generation of outstanding young organic chemists.

2022 Plenary Speakars

Dr. Claudio Sturino
adMare BioInnovations

Prof. Marisa Kozlowski
University of Pennsylvania


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Prof. Scott Snyder
University of Chicago

Thank you to all of our sponsors for making QOMSBOC 2022 possible!

Featured Sponsors: 

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