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QOMSBOC 2024 will be held at the University of Toronto!

Join us on November 8–10, 2024 for the 34th annual QOMSBOC. Plenary speakers for this conference include Dr. Rebecca Green (Bristol Myers Squibb), Prof. Hans Renata (Rice University), and Prof. Tianning Diao (New York University).

More information will be released soon! For parties interested in sponsoring QOMSBOC 2024, please contact Sophie Rousseaux at



The Quebec/Ontario Mini-Symposium for Synthetic and Bioorganic Chemistry (QOMSBOC), now in its 34th year, is dedicated to the exhibition of graduate research in the chemical sciences, and is the premier regional meeting in organic and bio-inorganic chemistry. The conference is held every year and alternates between Québec and Ontario Universities. It is unique in its focus on graduate presentations, and of the ~200 anticipated participants, most will be Ph.D. or M.Sc. students from Eastern Canada. Given the success of the Canadian training system, many QOMSBOC attendees go on to high-profile positions in academia and industry, and many of these individuals fondly remember the event as one of their first experiences with public speaking. QOMSBOC 2024 will feature oral presentations and poster presentations given by Ph.D./M.Sc. students, as well as three plenary lectures from world leaders in both the academic and private sectors.  In addition to the lectures and poster sessions, there will be ample opportunity for collegial interactions at the numerous social events interspersed throughout the three day event.

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